Transmission Time: Success in the West

On Thursday, October 27, Americans for a Clean Energy Grid hosted a Transmission Time webinar on transmission expansion in the West.  The panel highlighted benefits that new transmission lines have brought to the region, including economic benefits, jobs, and access to clean energy. Our speakers also explored the challenges they encountered advancing long-range transmission projects […]

Transmission Time: Reliable Supply Chains and Grid Security

On Wednesday, January 11, ACEG hosted a webinar exploring the supply chains the support of the U.S. electric grid. Our panelists discussed ongoing challenges in the supply chains for grid components — including semiconductors — and the importance of mitigating cyber security risks in the supply chain process. We also dove into recent legislative advances, […]

Transmission Time: Recommended Siting Practices for Electric Transmission Developers

On Wednesday, February 22, ACEG hosted a webinar exploring its latest report on recommended siting practices for transmission developers as they engage with the landowners, local communities, and tribes impacted by a project. The transmission siting process can be fraught, but developers that undertake meaningful, respectful, and consistent engagement can build trust in communities and improve […]

ACORE Policy Forum 2023

The ACORE Policy Forum returns on March 9, 2023, to unite senior leaders from across government and the renewable energy industry in Washington, D.C., and ACEG is pleased to be a supporting partner. Join important discussions around ensuring the success of the Inflation Reduction Act, building the clean energy workforce of tomorrow, and addressing what is […]

Transmission Time: How Transmission Keeps the Lights On

On Wednesday, March 22, ACEG hosted a webinar on the vital role transmission plays in preserving grid reliability. Nearly all aspects of modern life depend on reliable electricity. But the U.S. has fallen far behind when it comes to building a grid capable of supporting our current and future needs. As extreme weather events — […]

Can Congress Fix the Grid? Legislative Proposals to Support Transmission Buildout

On Tuesday, April 25, ACEG hosted a webinar to unveil its legislative policy priorities and broadly explore Congressional action that can support essential grid expansion.  The U.S. urgently needs to step up the pace of transmission development to improve electric reliability, enhance American energy security, connect clean energy resources to the grid, and reduce household […]

Transmission Time: Environmental Justice & Electric Transmission

On Wednesday, May 31, Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG) and the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center for a webinar on environmental justice considerations in transmission development. Historically, the U.S. has constructed infrastructure in a manner that disproportionately harms low-income communities and people of color. Now the country urgently needs to expand its […]

Grading the Grid: How Well Do Regions Plan & Develop Transmission?

Multiple studies have found the U.S. needs to more than double its transmission capacity to sustain its growing energy demands and safeguard the grid against more frequent severe weather. To better understand if we are on track to meet this need, a new report from Americans for a Clean Energy Grid evaluates and ranks transmission […]

Transmission Time: Using Co-Location to Expand the Grid

On Wednesday, July 26, ACEG and NextGen Highways hosted a webinar exploring efforts to develop new transmission lines along existing rights-of-way (ROWs). The U.S. needs to rapidly expand its transmission system to connect new renewable resources, meet rising demand, and improve electric reliability. Speakers discussed how strategic co-location of new lines can help leverage existing […]

Transmission Time: Transmission in the Carolinas

On September 27, ACEG hosted a webinar on transmission expansion in the Carolinas. Panelists discussed efforts to build and upgrade the lines needed to connect new renewable resources to the grid and to improve electric reliability. Well-planned transmission is key to building a secure energy future. In this regional snapshot, ACEG explored the importance of […]

ACORE Grid Forum

The 2023 ACORE Grid Forum convenes regulators; renewable, storage, and transmission companies; and other leading grid experts in Arlington, Virginia on October 11. Don't miss the opportunity to hear insights on the near-term gaps and long-term priorities for grid infrastructure to maximize the deployment of renewable energy. We are a proud supporter of the ACORE […]

Transmission Time: The Role of State Transmission Authorities

Across the country, several state legislatures have formed “transmission authorities” to help facilitate the siting and financing of new lines. These entities can help states develop the transmission needed to connect new resources and ensure reliable, low-cost electricity for all their residents. In this webinar, leaders of transmission authorities from Colorado, New Mexico and North […]